Posted: June 30, 2010 in Uncategorized
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I posted before about getting 7MC working on a small ION board. I’ve still not managed to actually ‘deploy’ it to the lounge, too much tweaking to do still – commercial skipping, tidy the menus, add channel logos.

Trouble is I’ve found a new toy….. yaVDR ( http://www.yavdr.org/) is a Linux distro that provides the stable VDR backend to handle TV duties combined with a (relatively) stable SVN build of XBMC with the PVR capabilities. This means that I get all the XBMC gorgeousness with the ability to use it as a PVR! Result! Score!

Now all I’ve got to do is set it up! Bugger.

How the hell does this VDR thing work? My German sucks – where’s the English forum?

OK, I need the ‘channels.conf’ file to get the TV channels working…. 

Google is my friend! I’ve found the instructions on how to do that….. now why won’t it let me do this? ‘Not primary device’ – WTF?

OK, I’ll just paste this one from the internet into the VDR web admin. Yay have a working TV channel! Now need to get the rest of the TV channels in the right order….

Nope still can’t get this command to work.

I’ll get the TV working later, I’ll just get XBMC set up…. Well that took 10 minutes, back to the VDR setup…..


… I’ll try tomorrow…. it’s far too late…..


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