Well it’s progress of sorts.

Posted: July 13, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Woo-hoo – a week of actually managing to write code instead of trying very, very hard not to kill our new ‘developers’.  I say developers, but some of the mistakes are not what I would expect from experienced staff….. An “experienced” developer asking me what SVN/CVS is does sort of set alarm bells off.

Anyway, I’m still failing in a big way to get the new 7MC box finished. Having said all that, I have managed to do a clean build of Win7, got 7MC running, installed and configured the various plug-ins as well as  having the whole thing in a new Antec MicroFusion case. Hell even the VFD appears to be working correctly! I’ve got DVRMS Toolbox and ComSkip installed, just need to find the time to set them up correctly.

Actually, the biggest problem is that the WHS suddenly seems to be playing up – it’s failing to resume from hibernate. It just sits there with the last couple of bars unfilled and I have to manually re-start the box and then tell it to throw away the current hibernate data before it will re-start. Trouble is I’ve got no idea why it has suddenly started to do this. I (stupidly) hoped the issue would resolve itself, but as usual, when I’m not there to deal with it, the failure of the resume means the other half can’t get to her emails or photos and so the WAF plummets!

Looks like the next ‘free’ evenings will be spent in WHS land….. I’m never getting this 7MC built am I?


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