New phone

Posted: July 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

I’ve been toying with the idea of a new phone for a while now, but never really taken the plunge. Android is looking like the best choice, as pretty as the iPhone is, I’d actually like a phone to be able to fulfil its basic function of making calls before I worry about being able to track my UPS shipments on-line or see the snow depth at some ski resort.

Before I get ranted at, that’s personal experience. I sit in a room with various techy people, and there are at least 4 iPhones (and 1 iPad) of various ages in here with me. Some days all I can here is ALL of them swearing that they can’t get a signal to make a call. And no, not all of them are on the same network…. Me, well I sit here with a knackered on Nokia 6300 and I’ve never not been able to make a call. Stuff like that puts me off.

I’m not saying that Android is any better, but from what I’ve seen, the niggles with it are minor and relate more to the rapid development of the OS leaving issues in older apps rather than fundamental flaws. That and the open nature of the source code meaning that people port it to inappropriate hardware.

I may just keep the Nokia…. at least until my daughter breaks it.


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