Gas Board 2

Posted: July 26, 2010 in Uncategorized

Oh joy – more Gas Board shenanigans.

So after jumping through hoops trying to find out who I need to ask to move the gas meter from under the sink to the exterior wall, I finally get someone to come and give me a quote for the works.


Not saying anything else…… see previous post…..

Anyway, I’ve also recently had a letter from another contractor ‘working on behalf of my gas supplier’ telling me that I need to have my meter replaced as it’s too old and they need to put a new one in to ensure ‘continued accuracy’. OK, fair enough, I confirmed the appointment slot (can you call between 08:00 and 20:00 a slot? It’s more of a gaping void really!).

I have to say the bloke who did just turn up was pleasant – even if he was wetting himself with laughter. He took one look at the space under the kitchen sink and said; “well unless you’re going to remove the entire sink unit and cupboard, there’s no way in hell we can change that.” Having spent a small fortune getting a new kitchen installed about 4 years ago, there’s no way I am going to “remove the entire sink unit and cupboard”.

Still, he did suggest that I do nothing and just ignore the letters I was bound to receive about making a new appointment. In his own words, the gas board will put a new smart meter in themselves soon enough, and as it’s under the sink and needs to be powered, they’ll have to move it themselves for safety reasons!

Bugger it, I’ll just wait until the Smart metering project goes live and they’ll have to deal with it! Hopefully I can get the meter moved outside then.


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