New projects

Posted: February 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

I admit it – I’m a bit bored.

I’m currently between sprints at work, so the amount of actual work being done is almost zero. Planning for the next sprint can only be done for so long. I’m also off to start a new role in a couple of weeks, so my motivation may be slipping a bit here. Still that’s not the only reason for being bored; I’ve got no projects to amuse me at home.

XBMC has been rebuilt – minus TV backend – with the final release of Dharma. Working like a star and looking good, so nothing to do there. My downscaling of hardware is almost complete, I’m going to lose my study in July, so I need to make sure that all the large (and mostly empty) tower cases are replaced with smaller cases that can be put up on a shelf.

I keep wanting to play with Amahi, unRAID, FreeNAS or any number of new whole house storage solutions, but there’s no point – WHSv1 is working fine for general file, photo and music storage. The other NAS still has plenty of space for video. The thing I’d like to get working is a centralised email server that can aggregate all our email accounts to a central location and then use Thunderbird to access via IMAP from any of the devices in the house. Again, not really any point in doing this as the ‘main’ email accounts are accessed via Outlook using a shared drive on the WHS to hold the PST file.

That leaves my usual stopgap project – a new PVR to replace the aging Toppy….. oh well… off to look at parts….


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