Posted: June 8, 2011 in Uncategorized
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One of the many HTPC/Home Automation/Gadget sites that I subscribe to is DistroWatch.com (http://distrowatch.com/) and occasionally it throws up a gem.

VortexBox (http://vortexbox.org) allows you to build an OpenSource Audio server that also supports automatic CD ripping, tagging and artwork. It also supports some limited DVD ripping to MKV as well, but I’ve not tried this yet. 

I’ve installed in on a VM and the Fedora based OS worked fine… only issue I had was it didn’t like the DVD drive on the main machine. The errors are NOT VortexBox related, but are common across other Linux distros as well.

Still, I intend to try and find time to throw it onto a real PC sometime this weekend and give it a go.



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