Posted: August 16, 2011 in Uncategorized
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After discovering the VortexBox distro a few weeks ago, I finally tried installing it on a small Atom 330 system that I use for playing with Ubuntu/MythTV/etc etc. Initially I did the install onto the 40Gb HDD that was in the box, but after playing with it and deciding that it will work much better than the (frankly appalling) WHS music share options, I swapped out the HDD for a bigger 160Gb HDD and off we went.

Installation is a breeze, drop the disk in and off it goes. Being Fedora based, I’m not as comfortable with command line interactions as I am in Ubuntu, but thankfully, this was limited to editing the config for the ripping application to change the naming conventions used.

So now I have a Mini-ITX music server that will rip any CD that I drop into it and make it available to play downstairs in under 10 minutes. A far better situation than the old manual EAC, MP3Tag, move and refresh UPnP server that used to be needed.

The downsides… 1) well I’ve now got another dedicated box that takes up space. 2) I’ve lost my Linux box…


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