Posted: November 22, 2011 in Hardware
So I bought a small SSD (~30Gb) to use as the main drive for the XBMC box in the lounge. Now I know that I need TRIM support… but that isn’t in the Ubuntu 10.04 minimal version kernel I used to build the original XBMC box. So I thought I’d rebuild from scratch and just jump up to 10.10 to get TRIM support from the newer kernel.

As usual though, it’s never easy… the kernel supplied with 10.10 has a kind of semi-LIRC included… this means that none of the remote controls now work… After lots of reading and trying various options, I now have a working remote again.

Thinking that I might revert to the older 120Gb HDD and Ubuntu 10.04…. And that I’ll try OpenELEC on the SSD to see if it gives me anything new….

Anyway, the new SSD means that the drone of HDD and fan is now reduced to just the drone of the fan and I’ll get to that one day.

Sorry – couldn’t find it when I first wrote this, but I used an article on Mike Trellos blog to help with the SSD optimisation.

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