unRAID update 3

Posted: April 30, 2012 in Storing

All the best plans….

So the CM Stacker was a dud. Looks like they managed to bolt a right side frame on to the left side as well as the right. Meant that the screw holes for the HDD didn’t line up. Been RMA’d, but now awaiting replacement from the always excellent Scan.co.uk.

Anyway, the SAS card is now in and after some issues with the cable (make sure you have the right kind of SAS cable – apparently there are different types with the same connectors on them….. who knew… ) is seeing the school of Seagate Barracuda drives awaiting inclusion.

Array is now up and built with a 2.0Tb WD Black as parity combined with 2×2.0Tb WD Green for data. Top level directories have been built and are now waiting for me to pull my finger out and copy the data across.

Once the new CM Stacker appears, I’ll need to stop the array and see about re-wiring/re-threading cables to position the drives. I originally planned to put the Parity, two Green and the 320 cache in the stacker as the air flow is slightly restricted due to the closeness of the disks. BUT the SAS cable uses a huge connector that makes it a little too tight to fit behind the drives in the main disk mount. I’ll need to experiment as the WD Black gets hot – 47 degrees during preclear.


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