unRAID update 4

Posted: June 11, 2012 in Storing

A quick update to the unRAID build.

unRAID hardware is now built with the replaced CM Stacker in place.

Plus license bought and installed so I now have 1x 2.0Tb WD Black as a parity drive, 2x 2.0Tb WD Green + 1x 2.0Tb Samsung + 2x 1.5Tb Barracudas plus a 320Gb WD as a cache. That gives me a grand total of  9Tb of usable storage.

I’ve also migrated the TV and Film directories across and integrated the TV side of things with the Sick Beard/SABnzbd plugin combo.

This leaves me with 3 jobs –

  1. Update the version of unRAID from 5.0-b14 to 5.0-rc4 (or greater if I don’t get to it before the next release!).
  2. Disconnect the ‘extra’ currently unused HDDs – no sense in powering them if I’m not using them.
  3. I need to monitor the temperatures of the parity disk – seems to be getting high. If so I’ll need to open up the case and add an additional 120mm fan in either the side or the front of the case.

Now time to switch my attention back to the XBMC setup and then point it all at the new server.


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