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unRAID Update 5

Posted: July 31, 2012 in Storing

Edit – Ooops – Just found this in the drafts folder – should have been posted in July

So unRAID is purring along nicely. Currently running one of the later release candidates and apart from some issues relating to the plugins for SABnzbd, Sick Beard and Couch Potato, it all seems to be working perfectly.
The cache drive is a bit of a worry, it’s running almost permanently because of the use of SABnzbd et al. and the temperatures are now running quite high. I’m also using the 320Gb HDD instead of a spare 1.5Tb drive as I figured that I’d save them for expansion (DVD library rips plan…) and using them for cache duties would only shorten their lifespan. It’s almost a shame that the new plugin system for unRAID v5 doesn’t allow the addition of an extra ‘Apps’ disk outside of the storage pool. At least then we could use a slower or more power efficient HDD for Apps and config data and a fast HDD for the cache. I might seriously consider using a SSD, but I’m not sure if unRAID supports TRIM and that’s an expensive way to find out!
The use of SABnzbd has also meant that I’ve needed to alter the way that I do things a bit, with the system handling the downloads to the cache and then migrating them to the download directory. At this point I can worry about naming conventions and then manually migrating the files to their final destination.
Anyway, the system is working so well that I’ve actually now removed NAS00 from operation and it’s now turned on to be used purely for manual backups from both the unRAID and the WHS boxes.