Raspberry Pi

Posted: September 11, 2012 in Hacking and playing
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So I finally decided that I’d waited long enough and ordered a RPi. I also ordered a case from ModfMyPi and a 8Gb SD card from Amazon.


The original plan was to look at the OpenElec XBMC build and then at a later date buy another SD card and look at the possibilities of getting a Z-Wave USB key and devices and using this as a small home automation server. However, as usual with me… that plan died at the first hurdle. The OpenElec image, although installing without any errors, has totally failed to work… RPi wouldn’t even start. So I went to the next option on the list… Raspbmc which installed without a hitch and is running beautifully.

Both the standard testing videos (Bug Buck Bunny and Sintel) work perfectly without any skips, drops or blockiness. The box is working so well in fact that I’ve actually ordered the additional MPEG2 and VC1 codec licenses from RaspberryPi.org so I can set up the box at home instead of the Atom PC that we currently use. We shall see if it works….

So for roughly £45 I’ve got a small, silent networked media player that plays everything I can throw at it.

Looks like the home automation stuff will just have to wait.


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