Debenhams Plus

Posted: February 18, 2013 in Rants, Uncategorized

In the unlikely event that you feel the urge to buy white goods from Debenhams Plus ( please don’t.

They have spectacularly dropped the ball on providing working goods and then even being able to provide a replacement. Ordered a washer dryer from them on 23rd January and after providing a machine that had a broken drain pipe I was forced to wait for a Hotpoint engineer to turn up and repair. He then informed me that the machine was basically so badly damaged that it shouldn’t have even left the warehouse, let alone be delivered to a customer.

Replacement was due in 5 working days…. that became 3 weeks, that became unknown…. finally got the hump and cancelled the order.

Ordered machine from John Lewis – came within 3 days. Works. End of.

Irony is, that after all that, it’s not even Debenhams – they basically outsource these things to some ApplianceDirect or ApplianceOnline outfit.

The moral of the story is… although it may be a famous brand on the front – perhaps you should check who actually does the work…..


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