XBMC Frodo PVR – Freya

Posted: April 2, 2013 in Hacking and playing, Watching
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So as I wrote in an earlier post, I’ve finally switched to XBMCBuntu as the main distro for my media playback fix. The other major bonus was the realisation that this meant I could now install MythTV backend and link it to XBMC using the new PVR plugins. Under OpenELEC there is no desktop, so the installation of a PVR backend relies on either using a built in service (generally TVHeadEnd) or an existing remote backend.

TVHeadEnd has been ‘unreliable’, so I’ve stopped trying to get it to work. Building a completely new box just to serve TV seems overkill at this point in time – I may change if I get around to building a new Home Server, but that’s a way off yet!

The chassis already had a dual tuner Hauppage DVB-T card (FreeView) in it from it’s earlier days of htpc testing, so the addition of MythTV backend meant that with minimal tweaking I have a working PVR in XBMC. If you only knew how long I’ve wanted this!!!!

I still need to tweak the system – it currently runs off a single 32Gb SSD, so I need to connect a significantly larger second HDD to store my recordings on, but progress is being made!

UPDATE: Well I guess I spoke too soon. A couple of weeks later I began to get a ‘unable to connect to MythTV’ message whenever I booted the box. Attempts at delaying the start of XBMC until the tuner(s) were up and running made very little difference.

UPDATE 2: OK got the hump. Turned off live tv in XBMC. To be honest it’s not what we mainly use XBMC for anyway.


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