Posted: October 3, 2013 in Hacking and playing, Watching
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So as a big XBMC fan (never would have guessed would you?) I originally planned to use my Raspberry Pi as a simple set top box in the playroom for the kids. Give them the ability to watch My Little Pony and assorted Disney films away from the main lounge. This never happened mainly because I never bought the TV.

Still with a new TV in the main bedroom, I’ve now got the Pi attached to the back of the set and running Raspbmc. Works very nicely, the box is out of sight and as the TV is on a remote controlled power switch, it gets turned on when the TV goes on. It does mean that Raspbmc starts even if it’s not needed, but small price to pay. As all the media is centralised via MySQL, I can always rebuild if it all goes south. The TV doesn’t support CEC, so I’ve still got the old faithful MS IR Blaster box peaking out from the bottom of the TV, but thats all you can see.

As a bonus, it can also see the Vu+ Duo STB downstairs, so FreeSat is now available up in the bedroom. Bit clunky, but it works!

As it’s an old model B (256M) I run the quartz skin to keep the UI overhead down. It’s also not overclocked, but I guess that if it goes slooow I can always hit the option. Very happy with it…

I still may amuse myself and try OpenELEC on a different SD card and see how that behaves…. there’s an Android STB sitting in a cupboard at work as well… always tinkering, never happy.


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