VU+ Duo Set Top Box

Posted: October 3, 2013 in Hacking and playing, Hardware, Home Media
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So I ended up buying one of these a while back to have a play with. As a new version Duo2 was due to be released the next day, I got this one cheap from Apart from the slightly clunky interface, and the utter PITA to setup (thank god for the dummies guides found on world-of-satellite’s forums!) it’s really not bad. It’s not a user friendly environment like the Sky box, but given enough time I’m sure you’d get used to it.

Bonus number 1 is that I can now use any of my XBMC boxes to stream live TV from the Vu+ box across the network and view it. Goodbye MythTV back-end on Freya that never started properly!

Bonus number 2, I can use an app on my phone to control and stream content from the box (live and recorded) for viewing.

Bonus number 3, I can move the recordings off the box and store them on my unRAID server for editing or by telling the STB that the unRAID is just another disk, record directly to it.

Bonus number 4, I have plugged in a Hauppage Nova-T USB stick – basically a PC DVB-T tuner – into the box and can use it as a third tuner.

Downside 1 (and it’s huge!) I only have a single pair of satellite feeds into my lounge, so if I want FreeSat/Sky on the box, I need to disconnect my actual Sky box from the dish and connect the Vu.

Downside 2, it’s slow. The channel change is not the fastest thing I’ve ever seen. I understand why people in the W-o-S forums were encouraging people to wait for the new box with it’s massively increased RAM/CPU specs. Still as a secondary STB,it’s more than fine.

This has raised an interesting possibility for my next BIG project… a new satellite distribution system…. and the parts are coming together quite nicely 😀


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