Adventures in HA – Part One – DomotiGa (1)

Posted: October 8, 2013 in HA, Hacking and playing, Hardware
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Right, so I’ve gone back to looking at alternative software to run a simple Z-Wave network at home. After spending the best part of 2 days building, compiling and installing the DomotiGa system on a Raspberry Pi, it’s now time to see what it’s really like to use….

First attempts to actually set it up took place about midnight last friday. While I did manage to get my Weather Underground API key set up and entered (then realised that it wasn’t working in the current release), my Weather Bug key (wait an hour for it to register), geolocation (lat & lon) and Aeon Labs Z-Stick2 sorted. I totally failed to get any of my actual Z-Wave devices to appear in the device list.


Second attempt (monday morning – in the office, but pre-work (honest)) saw me finally finding the Z-Wave Commander page in the tools and getting the 3-in-1 sensor to deliver something. Three values coming back, but no idea what they are. Eventually by a process of elimination I figured the On was the motion sensor, 76.2 was the temperature in fahrenheit and the 62 was the light level. Still not a good start, but some progress. I’ll try again next friday night.

In theory it looks like a reasonable product…. especially given it’s association with Mister House, but I seem to be spending more time building/installing and tweaking than doing: something I really didn’t want to be doing. The web interface isn’t the most user-friendly as well, something I seriously have to consider as it MUST pass WAF if I want this to be a useful whole-house project. I’ll try again this weekend if I get a chance; maybe I’ll have a breakthrough

If a Vera wasn’t so expensive, I’d just buy one… it looks like so much less hassle!


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