Adventures in HA – Part Three

Posted: November 4, 2013 in HA
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So the decision now is whether or not to go with OpenRemote or with Indigo as the next platform to try. The great thing about OR is that I can then (theoretically) use it as a basis for an integrated controller (Sky box, Vu+, XBMC etc etc). If the built in Z-Wave integration sucks it can still be used to talk to a Vera or other ‘proper’ HA controller. It’s also free! The MASSIVE downside is the time to get it working. I can install and build an OR server relatively quickly, but setting up every command variation (on/off, range, status, etc etc) for every button on every device is a long and painful process. We then need to design an interface and build it from scratch. Ouch.

Indigo on the other hand is a software platform that can control the various z-wave devices floating around in my house. However, it ONLY runs on OSX, so the Mini will need to be permanently on (costs???) and it cost money – $100 or $200 depending on the number of devices and capabilities required. There is a 30 day trial available, so perhaps there’s a starting point.

The OR device is something I wanted to build, but time is an issue. The cost of Indigo is potentially more than that of a Veralite, so is it worth it?


Indigo –

OpenRemote –


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