Adventures in HA – Part Two – DomotiGa (2)

Posted: November 4, 2013 in HA
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So after playing with DomotiGa for a week or so I got the hump. It’s a good stable system, but it didn’t recognise any of my Z-Wave devices, making it a right pain to set up. I liked the weather integration and the useful data it would throw up, but the struggle to persuade it to log the temperature from my 3-in-1 sensor or act when motion was detected was irritating.

I can spend hours building and updating and configuring, but that isn’t actually turning my lights off or telling me the temperature in a bedroom over the course of a day. I’m sure I could do it, if I wanted to spend hours playing and configuring, but I’m of the opinion that I need to DO, not BUILD with this stuff. The point is to get a measurable return on investment, NOT to spend all the time getting it to work.

I also need something that can be controlled from a tablet, and the included interfaces wouldn’t pass the WAF.

If this was a curiosity project, I’d love to keep playing with it, but it is supposed to be the foundation of a serious use, so playing isn’t an option. I want to be able to buy a device, add it, have the platform recognise it, and use it in the way it is designed. Time to move on to the next platform and give it a try.

DomotiGa –


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