More HA experiments

Posted: January 9, 2014 in HA
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So I’ve been dabbling with a couple of other HA platforms recently; this time for work. The idea was to see if we can demo “something happens when a phone moves into an environment”. Basically using BT or even BTLE to detect a phone, recognise it and then do something with that info. While I’ve written simple scripts to constantly monitor the BT stack and react, there seemed an opportunity to show off a bit and get something ‘serious’ to happen when an event occured! Both OpenHab and Freedomotic have BT capabilities and even a plugin specifically for this in Freedomotic.

Freedomotic (v5.5) is a Java based platform with a series of plugins to extend the basic functionality. Short and sweet, it’s a nice platform, but even with a ‘fast’ hard floating point version of the 1.8 Java JDK it is far too heavy/slow for a RPi. Does have a web server plugin so the GUI parts can be turned off and shown only on remote devices, but that failed to install. As did the BT people detector plugin……

The other, OpenHab (v1.3.1) is another Java based app that has lots of potential: runs nicely on the RPi, even has a reasonable responsive interface. Built in support for Sonos, Philips Hue, HTTP/TCP/UDP as well as a variety of other HA platforms/standards. The downside is that Z-Wave support is still limited and the Bluetooth stuff didn’t work.

Anyway… the basic python scripts work, so I’ll finish polishing them and keep it simple!

Freedomotic –

OpenHab –


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