Noctua Fan NF-A4 FLX

Posted: February 7, 2014 in Hardware, Watching

So the CPU fan on my well abused Atom Ion XBMC player in the lounge has always been ‘whiny’. The usual noise that is supposed to accompany a 40mm fan spinning at 5k rpm and shifting sod all air. Recently, it has been getting louder, so loud in fact it became noticeable (to me at least) over the video playback.

Foolishly I assumed that the extra noise was from the side 80mm fan beginning it’s death rattle, but no, on closer inspection it was indeed the CPU fan. So based on a recently read ‘How To‘ build a silent HTPC I investigated the Noctua brand of fans.

Never heard of them before. I’d normally look for a brand like Coolermaster, Scythe or one of the other brands that build ‘proper’ CPU coolers for ‘proper’ motherboards. Still the guide was full of praise, as was several of the reviews on Amazon UK.

Although I initially bulked at paying almost £12 for a 40mm fan, I decided that if this was as quiet as it seemed it would be worth it.

I make no apologies for this. I am about to gush, I am actually about to gush over a fan.

It is absolutely brilliant. From the minute you open the extremely high end packaging to the moment you turn the system back on, the whole thing is superb.

The package comes with various cables and rubber mounts, including a “noise reducing cable” that actually lowers the rpm of the fan and hence the noise. Even without that cable in place I can’t hear the fan spinning with the case open. It is awesome.

I’ll amend this posting later with links and technical info, but for now, this will do!


Noctua website – and the info for the fan in question is here



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