Home Automation Adventures

Posted: February 18, 2014 in HA, Hacking and playing
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I couldn’t figure out why it was that the lamp attached to the new dimmer module would be on when I came downstairs in the morning.

I knew that the signal didn’t always get through to the unit as it was temporarily hidden behind a large microwave unit while we wait for the kitchen refurb to be finished. Initial thoughts were that my repeated attempts to test/configure/poll the unit were sending on signals long after I’d gone to bed. But not touching the unit for a day didn’t change the behaviour.

Turned out to be a stupid mistake on my part. The system had joined the dots in my logic and I wasn’t aware of it. While playing with PLEG I set up a set of rules to cover the possibility of the kids getting up to use the toilet at night (night, movement, light level, time and PIR activated). I’d also set up an event of the dimmer to go to 10%. When I’d gone back to test the dimmer I’d inadvertently enabled all the rules, so that when I went upstairs to bed, the conditions had been met and the lamp turned on.

With the hall lamp currently rocking a CFL that can’t be dimmed, the dimmer is controlling a lamp downstairs as part of the testing, so I hadn’t seen the lamp go on when I went upstairs. While this proves that my logic works, it also revealed what I hadn’t done was set up the conditions to turn the damn thing off again!


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