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Pain and Joy With JS Taskrunners

Posted: June 20, 2014 in Rants

So let me start out by saying that I love Grunt, Bower & Yeoman: they provide a set of tools that are absolutely brilliant and can make life a lot easier for the developer. I wish they were around when I was writing production level code.

My problem is I’m basically stupid. I’ve wasted more time trying to get a Grunt/Bower/Yeoman scaffolded site running than I would have spent actually writing the damn code for the site. I know the risks of falling down the rabbit hole and trying to do everything with these tools, but I’m not trying to get anything complex done. Just build a set of simple web pages with their associated compass (SASS), JS libraries and files running.

But between figuring out how to swap from SASS to Compass, how to install additional Bower components & get them to appear in the relevant pages as well as having JSHint go bug-fsck over legacy code, it’s not going well.

I’m not sure if the console errors that are now appearing are due to the JS files not being copied across correctly, minified badly, plain not there or is it bad code on my part?

In fact it’s going so badly I’ve actually dropped everything except Bower from the project.

I’ll do it all by hand for now…. maybe the next project I’ll have time to use both Bower & Grunt.