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HA Issues – MiCasaVerde Revamp?

Posted: November 6, 2014 in HA
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I’m starting to get the hump with the Veralite. The inability of the device to allow for the creation of events comprising 2 or more conditions makes it a bit frustrating. Yes I know I can drop into Lua and programme stuff, but quite frankly, the ability to write a rule that checks for night, movement and then triggers a light if both conditions are true shouldn’t really be that complicated. It wasn’t a problem when PLEG was free, but now that it costs for a certain number of events makes it complicated.

I like the Fibaro take on the ‘scratch blocks’ for event programming, but I don’t like the £500 price that will be incurred. As I’ve now got a Honeywell EvoHome system, the need for a Fibaro to control the heating is even less important.

For various reasons I’m now running a copy of Domoticz on a RPi at work, with another one running at home. While Domoticz is actually designed primarily towards the 433MHz devices and in fact can be purchased with a RFXCom RfxTrx433 device, it also supports z-wave via the OpenZWave library.

It allows for complex event programming via it’s own ‘scratch’ blocks system. It’s very easy to set up multiple condition events and even trigger alerts via email, SMS or mobile device push (Growl, PushBullet etc etc).

I thinking that I might have to exclude a couple of the Z-Wave devices I do have and see how well they work on Domoticz.