Raspberry Pi 2

Posted: February 10, 2015 in HA, Hardware
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By some bizarre fluke I was actually in a position to respond to the email from various suppliers that the new RPi 2 was out and in stock on it’s day of release. This meant that I had in my sweaty palms a brand new RPi 2 the day after it was announced. Migrating OpenHAB across to the new box was a bit of a pain as I had never bothered to document the steps I had taken before, so things would fall over because I had forgotten to install or configure things.

Once it was done I have to say the difference between the original RPi & the new one were astonishing. OpenHAB is an utter dog to get started on the RPi 1. Using the command line and running the ./start.sh it took 2 minutes and 15 seconds to get to the OpenHAB is running message. On the new RPi 2, it took less than 30 seconds.

From a development standpoint it makes a huge difference as the system effectively reloads when you update the rules file… so trying to write rules on a RPi was painful. At least on the RPi2 there’s a lot less waiting.


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