Harmony Ultimate Hub

Posted: March 10, 2015 in Hardware, Home Media
Yup I got suckered.
As part of the playing with the idea of new equipment/AV cupboard for the lounge it became apparent that if I do close away all the equipment, I’d still need some method of passing IR commands across. Thinking I was being clever, and taking advantage of a silly discount at Amazon, I bought a Harmony Ultimate Hub.
I’m sure it’s a brilliant device. But like it’s predecessor, it gets confused about what is on, off and what state is needed to fulfil an activity. So I end up either having to reset everything using the original remotes or just drop the Harmony and use the original remotes anyway. I probably could set it up better, but it’s still sold as a simple to setup and use device.
I’ll eBay it soon, but I’m actually trying to use it to solve other IR related issues in another one of my random projects.

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