HiFiPi – Part 6 – Other Stuff

Posted: June 16, 2018 in Audio, Hacking and playing, Hardware
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I know, I got distracted again…. New versions of OpenHAB2, so trying to do a new clean build of my house automation – getting rid of all those items I’ve started to add and then never got around to removing afterwards.

I’m starting to look at ways to actually build this mishmash of ideas in the real world rather than on a breadboard. Although I bought some plain protoboards, it suddenly dawned on me that I had actually no idea how I would physically build this!

First question – how do I distribute the GND and 3.3V lines? In a breadboard there are rails along each side, but in a protoboard there’s no such thing. After some minor panic I eventually found something called a permaboard that basically resembles a breadboard, but allows you to solder on to it.

Next question – how do I connect the Pi GPIO pins to the permaboard? I’m guessing that I can get some kind of cobbler to connect the GPIO pins via a ribbon cable to the cobbler soldered on to the permaboard, but I don’t need all the pins and I’d rather just have the pins I need exposed on the permaboard. It also means that the permaboard could be smaller.

My initial idea is to use a 40-pin ribbon cable with a fixed connector for the GPIO and individual female connectors at the other end (see here). If I solder sets of breakout pins to the permaboard, I can connect the female ribbon ends to the board that I need and leave the other ones hanging around. As the connectors are female, the chance of them shorting out something if the flop around is much, much less!

I’ll try and find some time and report back.


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