Music Library Re-rip – Update

Posted: July 25, 2018 in Audio, Home Media, Storing
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So I’ve changed the process I’m using, just to make my life simpler and because the previous process was far too complicated!

  • I now rip a bunch of CDs to a holding directory (\\Tower\rips\flac)
  • Run Musicbrainz Picard to check/amend the metadata, saving the files renames them and moves them to the final directory (\\Tower\music\flac)
  • Run bliss against the directory to catch any missing artwork

The main advantage of this is that I’m letting the tools handle the heavy lifting – I’m not manually moving directories of files around the server.

The other advantage of this is that I can use either the Vortexbox upstairs to do the ripping or use an old laptop running Daphile downstairs – useful when I don’t feel like running upstairs every 10 minutes to change CD! As both devices are configured to rip to the same location and at the same quality, the only difference between them is the file naming convention they output the rip in…. and that doesn’t matter as MusicBrainz renames the files to my preferred format on save.


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