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DVD Collection

Posted: April 18, 2012 in Distributing, Storing
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As I have a habit of purchasing music, films and TV shows on physical media rather than digital, it means that the collection takes up a lot of physical space. While I admit that I should probably sell on some of the older films, I feel that if I’ve gone to the effort of buying a film, I should really keep it. Thing is, that I know I’m never going to go upstairs and rummage around in the various plastic crates sitting in the spare room to try and find a film to watch. I’m either going to hit the film channels or XBMC.

I spoke in earlier posts about the potential storage pool available at home. The fact is that this is almost becoming ludicrous – who in their right mind NEEDS 9Tb of storage, let alone the 12Tb CURRENTLY possible with the hardware I have just sitting there?

Still with this amount of storage potentially available, I’m thinking that I might just rip all those DVDs sitting in boxes taking up space in the spare room to ISO and then dump them on the storage pool. Once a disk is done, I can put the physical disk in the loft out of the way. I did this with our music and it’s worked fine. So why not do it with the DVDs?

In the unlikely event that I need more space at a later date, I can always put the ISOs from the pool through HandBreak or it’s equivalent and convert them to MKV files.

Perhaps this needs to go on my project list….