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Posted: January 5, 2012 in Home Media, Storing
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Not quite sure what particular combination of random button pushing achieved this, but the VortexBox now fires up in a VM once the WHSv1 starts.


Takes a little time to get going, but once running then write/accesses the music on our WHS directly, so I can drop a CD into the drive, use VB to rip and tag it and then write out the nice new FLAC and mp3 files to the normal music shares.


The Roku soundbridge sees the VB as an iTunes library and interacts without any prompting from me.


All in all very happy with the ways it works. Just need to tweak the ripping settings to change from CBR mp3 to high quality VBR and we’ll be done.


Posted: November 23, 2011 in Home Media
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After failing totally to get either VMWare or VirtualBox to run an instance of VortexBox, I suddenly realised that what I thought was a box with 2Gb of RAM actually was pottering along with a meager 1Gb, and some of that was being used for video. I've now upped it to the motherboard limit of 2 whole Gb and the instance of VortexBox now at least runs under VirtualBox.

Now I just need to finish configuring it all so I can re-purpose the physical VortexBox for an unRAID trial.

Grand Plans and Time frames

Posted: September 22, 2011 in Uncategorized
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A week or so ago I tweeted that I had decided on my next couple of home projects…. Upgrading my WHS to something with a bit more grunt so it can run VMs, looking at yaVDR again and looking at unRAID server.

Well as with all of my projects I’ve already hit snag. The plan was to buy a new mATX or ATX motherboard with appropriate CPU & RAM and build a new WHS tower. I’d then install VortexBox as a VM and migrate the music back from the current physical music server on to a shared drive in WHS that the VM could access. This grand plan then effectively gave me 2 SFF PC’s for the other 2 projects – 1 for yaVDR and 1 for unRAID.

First snag was as I’ve lost my study/play room to the newest addition to the family, I’ve downsized everything… and this means I don’t actually have space to put a new tower, Bugger! Still, the specs for VMWare seem to indicate that the current WHS may be enough to run it… and as VortexBox isn’t used that often or need many resources, it might just work.

The presence of daughter number 2 also means the second snag is a complete lack of spare time…..

Well it’s progress of sorts.

Posted: July 13, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Woo-hoo – a week of actually managing to write code instead of trying very, very hard not to kill our new ‘developers’.  I say developers, but some of the mistakes are not what I would expect from experienced staff….. An “experienced” developer asking me what SVN/CVS is does sort of set alarm bells off.

Anyway, I’m still failing in a big way to get the new 7MC box finished. Having said all that, I have managed to do a clean build of Win7, got 7MC running, installed and configured the various plug-ins as well as  having the whole thing in a new Antec MicroFusion case. Hell even the VFD appears to be working correctly! I’ve got DVRMS Toolbox and ComSkip installed, just need to find the time to set them up correctly.

Actually, the biggest problem is that the WHS suddenly seems to be playing up – it’s failing to resume from hibernate. It just sits there with the last couple of bars unfilled and I have to manually re-start the box and then tell it to throw away the current hibernate data before it will re-start. Trouble is I’ve got no idea why it has suddenly started to do this. I (stupidly) hoped the issue would resolve itself, but as usual, when I’m not there to deal with it, the failure of the resume means the other half can’t get to her emails or photos and so the WAF plummets!

Looks like the next ‘free’ evenings will be spent in WHS land….. I’m never getting this 7MC built am I?