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Posted: January 12, 2011 in Watching

Ok, so my attempts at getting yaVDR to work as a hidden recorder on the XBMC box have all ground to a shuddering halt. The system tells me that the VDR service is running, but any and all attempts to access the web EPG fail with complaints about the port. As it was working and then suddenly stopped after an ‘apt-get upgrade’, I’m not going to spend any more time figuring it out only to have it die at the next update.

So in the best traditions of my slapstick playing, I’m going to uninstall all the VDR bits and try the MythTV Backend scheme I tried in November. This time I think I’ve managed to Google enough info to at least try and get a X-Server session open on another machine via ssh!

I’m hoping that I can get MythTV backend working correctly and then install MythWeb as a means of remote access. XBMC has both native (myth://), scripted and dumb means of access. Provided I use an earlier version of MythTV (0.23) I can use the myth:// connector in XBMC to talk directly to MythTV. There’s also a XBMC plug-in that will talk to MythTV, trouble is it will probably only work nicely with certain skins. Finally there’s dumb – I point the XBMC videos folder at the folder that MythTV records into. File names will be an absolute disaster but hey… small steps!