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Grand Plans and Time frames

Posted: September 22, 2011 in Uncategorized
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A week or so ago I tweeted that I had decided on my next couple of home projects…. Upgrading my WHS to something with a bit more grunt so it can run VMs, looking at yaVDR again and looking at unRAID server.

Well as with all of my projects I’ve already hit snag. The plan was to buy a new mATX or ATX motherboard with appropriate CPU & RAM and build a new WHS tower. I’d then install VortexBox as a VM and migrate the music back from the current physical music server on to a shared drive in WHS that the VM could access. This grand plan then effectively gave me 2 SFF PC’s for the other 2 projects – 1 for yaVDR and 1 for unRAID.

First snag was as I’ve lost my study/play room to the newest addition to the family, I’ve downsized everything… and this means I don’t actually have space to put a new tower, Bugger! Still, the specs for VMWare seem to indicate that the current WHS may be enough to run it… and as VortexBox isn’t used that often or need many resources, it might just work.

The presence of daughter number 2 also means the second snag is a complete lack of spare time…..